Anti-Drop cupule for SSA

A specially SSA accessory designed to avoid the risk of contamination
The anti-drop cupule prevents liquid from splashing out during robotic handling. Economical enough to be disposed of, these reservoirs eliminate the risk of cross-contamination and the inconvenience of cleaning.

Reference : 3SM11676

Benefits :
  • Economical and disposable
  • Offers excellent chemical resistance
  • Reservoirs stay sterile until ready for use
  • Certified free of DNA, DNase, RNas and endotoxins
Specification :
  • Dimensions: SSA Standard Drop cupule size
  • Compatible Products:
    -SSA Robot
    -SST Safe Sampling Tips 96, Non-Sterile, Black, 500µL
    -SSP 48 Plates

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3SM11676 Anti-Drop cupule for SSA


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