BioSampling Systems Scanner

Ensure accurancy and uptime
This Scanner provides SSTS users an effective way to greatly reduce time spend in sample retrieval, optimise storage space, and diminish security risks associated with unmanaged sample manipulation. Even better, 81 tubes can be scanned at once by the BioSampling Systems Scanner. This tool is used to ensure the database contains updated information on the position of each tube in its box, an will most likely be used just before you place the box in freezer storage..

Reference : ICE49-81410

Specification :
  • The BioSampling Systems Scanner is compatible with ICE Tubes 48, ICE Tubes 81 format and NEO Plates 96
  • CE marked
  • ICE Scanner offers robust plate capacity resistance you can depend on all from a compact, desktop scanner
  • Compatible Products:
    - ICE Tubes 81 and 48 format
    - NEO Plates 96
    - SSTS Software
    - 2D & RFID Reader
    - SSTS Software

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Ordering Guide
Reference Name Package Number Description
ICE49-81410 ICE SCANNER PACKAGING 1 UNIT / Format 81 or 48 ICE Scanner


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