Accessory for Blood Collection.
This ingenious consumable guarantees a superior quality blood sample and replaces scissors and other dangerous cutting instruments.
Obtain a blood droplet without opening the primary tube, the integrated double needle can pierce the caps, tubes and more in a secure environment to transfer a calibrated volume in a simple way.

Reference : 3SM13157

We believe that each of our products is a label of innovation and quality. With CalibDrop you can:
  • Protect the health and safety of healthcare workers while maintaining the required specimen integrity for accurate disease diagnosis.
  • Reduce the risk of spills and needle stabbings, splashing and potential blood exposure due to the positive pressure of vacuum tube blood sampling devices.
  • Ensure sample integrity (keeps tubes or bottles closed, no contamination).
  • Improve diagnostics thanks to the accurately calibrated drop quantity (18μl +/- 1μl ).
  • Save time (no cleaning of tools, no decontamination)
Specification :

CalibDrop helps you transfer blood to tube or other containers.

  • Cleanliness : No messy instruments
  • Safety: Protect the health and safety of workers furing disease diagnosis
  • Precision : Calibrated drops (18µL +/- 1µL)
  • Easy-to-use : No tools required
Technical aspects :
Material : Polypropylene
External diameter of the skirt  : 22mm
External diameter of the cap : 11mm
Height : 46mm
Weight : 3.2g
Stainless Steel needle :
Length : 35mm
External diameter : 1.1mm
Colour : Transparent

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Item Description
0047001 100 Units of CalibDrop – Class 10 000
0047002 500 Units of CalibDrop – Class 10 000
0047020 100 Units of CalibDrop– Class 10 000
0047021 500 Units of CalibDrop – Class 10 000