Colour Code Tab

Colourful clip-on tabs enable you to associate a colour code with an SSP plate or ICE Box.

Reference : 3S48-09140

The front faces of the SSP Plate are equipped with a slot for insertion of a coloured tab.

Specification :
  • These tabs (available in 8 colours, including a multi-colour reference tab bag) allow simple visual coding of any SSP
  • Inserting a tab is irreversible.
Benefits :
  • The colour tab ensures rapid, visual verification and thus avoids careless mistakes
  • The meaning of the colour code is entirely up to the user’s discretion: freezer number 1, 2, or 3, analysis type, sample type, morning vs. afternoon shift, etc.

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Ordering Guide
Item Description
3S48-09140 Colour code tab (White)
3S48-09141 Colour code tab (Black)
3S48-09142 Colour code tab (Blue)
3S48-09143 Colour code tab (Green)
3S48-09144 Colour code tab (Yellow)
3S48-09145 Colour code tab (Orange)
3S48-09146 Colour code tab (Red)
3S48-09147 Colour code tab (Purple)
3S48-09148 Colour code tabs, all 8 colours


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