Cryotubes with “Lamelle de Janin”

The cryotubes with a small stick inserted into the cap of the tube for the conservation of solid biological samples.
A simple storage of solid using the “Lamelle de Janin”, a small stick inserted into the cryotubes for easy tissue placement and retrieva.l

Reference : ICE47100

Specification :
  • Intended for cryogenic transportation and storage of solid biological material thanks to the “Lamelle de Janin”
  • CE marked
  • Sterile according to ISO 9001
  • Re-closable boxes 81 format
  • For extreme storage conditions like liquid phase of nitrogen the DataMatrix identification is the perfect solution
  • Tubes dimensions 48mm x 12mm
  • Weight 400g.

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Cryotubes with “Lamelle de Janin” Class 10 000
Internal thread.
Polypropylene (PP) tubes and screw cap.
Class 10 000
Round Bottom Shape

Reference Name Package Number Description
ICE47100 CRYOTUBES WITH “LAMELLE DE JANIN” 100 Units Bulk Cryotubes (81 Format” “Lamelle de Janin”
ICE47101 CRYOTUBES WITH “LAMELLE DE JANIN” 500 Units Bulk Cryotubes (81 Format” “Lamelle de Janin”


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