Empty Boxes and Lids ICE tubes 81 and 48 format

This unique innovation is loaded with features that you won’t find anywhere else
The ICE boxes all have an open-bottom design for reading the DataMatrix codes of the tubes without removing them from the box, and are designed to hold samples securely during low-temperature storage and shipping.

Reference : ICE49-48152

Specification :
  • Open bottom and venting around each tube that promotes faster and more consistent freezing and thawing rates, as well as easy tube identification.
  • Storage format for 48 & 81 ICE Box format
  • Solid, one-piece base that retains its shape even at low temperatures
  • Orientation features that quickly identify the front of the rack
  • Compatible Products:
    - ICE tubes 48 and 81 format
    - SSTS Software
    - Storage modules for ICE 48 for the 48 format boxes
    - NEO Robot automate

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Empty Boxes and Lids ICE tubes 81 and 48 format Class 10 000

Reference Name Package Number Description
ICE49-48152 EMPTY BOXES AND LIDS 48F 12 Units of ICE boxes Empty ICE Box & Lid (without ICE tubes)
ICE49-81152 EMPTY BOXES AND LIDS 81F 8 Units of ICE cubes Empty ICE Cube & Lid (without ICE tubes)


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