ICE Extractor for ICE tubes

Take out the sample you need and save time during the process
ICE Extractor is an ingenious tool that helps with the extraction of an ICE tube from the box, even when wearing gloves. Simply place a peg in the location of the tube you wish to extract, and place the ICE 81 box in the slot. The required tube will be raised up just enough for easy extraction.

Reference : ICE49-8140

Specification :
  • The ICE Extractor is compatible with ICE Tubes 81 format
  • CE marked
  • Resistance -196°C
  • Compatible Products:
    - ICE Tubes 81 format
    - 2D & RFID Reader
    - SSTS Software

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ICE Extractor for ICE tubes
Internal thread.
Class 10 000

Reference Name Package Number Description
ICE49-81400 ICE EXTRACTOR PACKAGING 1 UNIT / Format 81 ICE Tubes ICE Extractor for ICE Tubes


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