NEO Automatic liquid handling robot

Increase throughput and improve performance while maintaining superior sample protection.

Reference : 3S10-010

Specification :

The high-speed NEO Robot is ideal for aliquoting samples of 10µL to 1mL, into other tubes and/or our new NEO Plate 96. NEO automatic liquid handling robot provides the transfer of 196 primary tubes into 4 plates in about an hour.

Benefits :
  • Pre-emptive liquid level detection, for intelligent aliquoting.
  • High security using positive identification (no barcode, no transfer)
  • Air-pressure monitoring of liquid transfers for minimum maintenance.
  • Hot-swapping tips racks.
  • Barcoded rack set-up for the 14 racks.
  • Intuitive software
  • Sample tracking: 1D barcode and DataMatrix
  • Proven solid industrial base
  • Individual tube identification
  • Anti-intrusion system
Technical aspects :
Power consumption : 150 Watts
Weight : Easy to handle (less than 75kg)
Dimensions : 114cm x 90cm x 98cm
Typical dimension of worktable : 900mm x 600mm
Capacity : 196 tubes, 4 plates
High throughput : to 180 tubes per hour
Disposable tips : 1000µL
Compatibility : SSP 48, NEO Plate 96
Options 1. Optional "Continuous loading"
2. Optional "Tube diameter measurement"
3. Optional "Monitoring of liquid transfer"

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