NEO Closer

If after the transfer of the sample you decide to close all the microtubes of a Plate 96 in one go…the NEO Closer is the solution.

Reference : 3S13-050

To comply with quality control (QC) requirements for biobank sample management, the easy-to-use manual NEO Closer places caps on all the microtubes of NEO Plate 96 to avoid any cross-contamination.

Benefits :
  • Safety mechanism to open and to close the 96 microtubes of NEO Plate 96
  • 100% Productivity: The NEO Closer for the monoblock NEO Plate 96 is an essential part of the system if you want close all the 96 caps at once
Specification :
  • Key tool to close the 96 caps of the NEO Plate 96
  • Easy-to-use manual closer places caps is compact

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3S13-050 NEO Closer


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