The NEO Holder Plate 96 (1mL, 500µL and 70µL)

Accuracy and enhanced security with the monoblock format

Reference : 3S96-1120

The protection of personal information and individual data associated with specimen collection is a fundamental “recommended practice” requirement for Biobanks. This can be achieved through the use of the NEO Holder Plate 96, a custom storage plate created to rebuild a new microplate collection once the microtubes have been removed from the NEO Plate 96. The 2D DataMatrix ID engraved on the bottom of the microtube guarantees the traceability of the samples.

How does the NEO Plate 96 work?

Once the individual microtubes have been transferred to the NEO Holder Plate, a simple scan of the new plate is all that is required for NEO Manager to track the location of the transferred microtubes.

Specification :
  • Monoblock Holder Plate 96 available in 3 formats: 1mL, 500µL and 70µL depending on the size of your microtube
  • 2D Data-Matrix code to avoid unidentified specimen. Repository samples coded in this way can be supplied to researchers without any personal identification information. The researches do not have access to identifying information during testing, but the 2D Data-Matrix code can still be used to identify the patient later on if required.
  • Standard -135°C mechanical freezer
  • RNAse, DNAse, Pyrogen test

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Ordering Guide
Item Description
3S96-1120 One box of HOLDER Plate 96/1mL (6 plates/box)
3S96-1110 One box of HOLDER NEO Plate 96/500µL ( 9 plates/box)
3S96-1100 One box of HOLDER NEO Plate 96/70µL (18 plates/box)


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