NEO Non-Sterile Tips 96, Black, 5-1000µL

Robotic Certified Tips Precision Tips for Sample Preparation

Reference : 3S96-0000

Made from medical grade 100% virgin polypropylene and manufactured in a clean room environment to eliminate contamination, these Robotic Tips are inspected with strict tolerances for straightness, uniformity and performance.

Benefits :

To ensure that our tips meet the most exacting requirements for laboratory automation:

  • Static Free Rack - Design includes molded conductive rack and snap plastic plate to hold tips to reduce static interactions during shipping and seating on instrument pipetting heads, enhancing product performance and reliability
  • Equipment and Sensitivity - We understand the demanding requirements in high-throughput environments and laboratories with multiple automated systems and our liquid handling experts are able to support your unique supply and instrument troubleshooting needs
Specification :
  • Rigorous automatic tip loading and unloading verification
  • Precision pipetting verification
  • RNAse, DNAse, Pyrogen test

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Ordering Guide
Item Description
3S96-0000 One box of tips 96 1mL (2 racks/box)
3S96-0010 One Box of tips 96 1mL(10 racks/box)
3S96-0020 140 Boxes of 10 racks (1 400tips or 140boxes/rack)


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