After transfer of the liquid sample from the primary tube to the plate, the wells will need to be capped, either the whole plate's well at once or individually…

Reference : 3S96-900

Biobanks should have appropriate quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) programs regarding management of each sample. The simple manual NEO Pen for opening and closing an individual mircrotube is perfect for avoiding contamination.

Benefits :
  • Safety mechanism to open and to close single well of the NEO Plate 96
  • Mounting Flexibility:  The NEO Plate 96 enables the easy take out of a microtube from the monoblock NEO Plate 96. Later, the well can be placed in a NEO Holder Plate.
Specification :
  • NEO Pen is an optional tool to facilitate action performed on the sample
  • Ultra-fast take out system

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3S96-900 NEO Pen


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