The NEO Plate 96 (70µL)

Ensure sample integrity with the innovative NEO Plate 96

Reference : 3S96-0070

The innovative new NEO Plate 96 has been selected by the blood banks in France because this plate is both monoblock and detachable at the same time. The individual microtubes cannot be removed or rearranged, which guarantees full positive identification without the need for a scanner. If you only need to remove a single microtube you can use the NEO Pen tool in order to extract it.

Benefits :
  • NEO Plate 96 is monoblock for improved security and stability of your samples
  • Monoblock plate for rapid scanning
  • Detachable in order to exact only the sample containing the biospecimen to be analysed, using NEO Manager to track the distributed sample's info (including repository personnel, researchers, patients and others)
  • Possibility to relocate a microtube to a holder plate: The NEO Holder Plate
  • Standard -135°C mechanical freezer
  • RNAse, DNAse, Pyrogen test
Specification :
  • NEO Plate 96 : 96 individual sample tube units
  • Microtube base : ‘‘U’’ format SBS footprint
  • White room manufacturing : Yes, class 10 000 / Polypropylene / RNase and DNase free
  • Volume : 96 microtubes x 70µL
  • Codes Available : 2D Data-Matrix / 1D barcode
  • Temperature Resistance : -135°C in mechanical freezers
  • Chemical resistance : DMSO, methylene chloride, methanol, ethyl, organic solvents

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Ordering Guide
Item Description
3S96-0070 One box of NEO Plate 96/70µL (18 plates/box)
3S96-0071 One carton of NEO Plate 96/70µL (114 plates/carton)
3S96-0072 One pallet of NEO Plate 96/70µl (3 456 plates/pallet)


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