NEO Scanner Opticon

The barcode reader provides in-process tube identification in order to confirm the movement of tubes.

Reference : 3S24001

In order to easily identify the primary tubes, the SSP 48 and the NEO Plates 96; the liquid handling system features the use of a portable barcode reader.

Benefits :
  • Omnidirectional Reading:  Linear codes can be decoded in any orientation.
  • Mounting Flexibility:  The barcode reader’s compact size, right angle mirror option, and corner-exit cable conserve cubic space to create the tightest fit possible within instrumentation and equipment.
Specification :
  • 32 events which record the history of activity of the sample: to provide full traceability of manual manipulations of samples, optionally selecting an activity type from a menu, both on the computer and the PDA
  • Each event consist of action performed on the sample
  • Ultra-fast Microprocessor
  • X-Mode Technology for High Performance Decoding
  • USB 2.0, RS-232 Interface Options
  • Fast and Aggressive Decode
  • Low power consumption

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3S24001 Portable barcode reader OPTICON 6845


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