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Welcome to the exceptional world of the NEO Sample Management

Designed for small to mid-sized laboratories and hospitals to meet ever-increasing pressures on time and productivity, the NEO Sample Management provides complete, reliable liquid storage management of biological samples ensuring internationally recognised Best Practices in your lab.

The efficient organisation of the resources that are the objects of study are our speciality. We know that biological resource centers are an essential part of the infrastructure supporting life science and biotechnology…essential for the R&D in the life sciences…and human health as a whole. These centers need to be networked: a Global Network is a critical element of the infrastructure. NEO Sample Management fulfils all these requirements (-135°C in mechanical freezer) thanks to a complete range of products:

The NEO automated liquid handling robot will help you to transfer your laboratory samples from the primary tubes to secondary tubes and plates, guaranteeing traceability and security.

The NEO Plate 96, with its integrated 2D barcode and thanks to our software (the NEO Manager), guarantees traceability and efficient retrieval of the sample from the biobank.

  • NEO intelligently determines available liquid volume and tube diameter
  • Positive identification of primary, secondary tubes and plates is performed by NEO Robot
  • 2D barcode for sample information storage
  • Full traceability pre/post biobank
  • Experience time savings with the pre-emptive identification methodology
  • Intelligent storage of the sample characteristics of your samples: volume, patient ID, sampling dates for a multi-criteria search
  • High throughput: to 180 tubes per hour (depending on profile)
  • Increase traceability and productivity with the monoblock plate 96
  • Simple and intuitive menu at each stage of the process
  • Configurable Import/Export to/from Laboratory Information System (LIS)
  • Individual detachable tube release from monoblock NEO plate 96
  • Use the software to easily transfer the samples from a freezer to a different location, even if the new freezer has a different physical layout.

We have the whole system that guarantees the use of the standard protocols for collection, processing, storage and distribution of specimens, and common data element to ensure Quality Assurance in your lab.

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What does the NEO Sample Management do?
NEO Sample Management System manages the full lifecycle of the sample, from reception of the primary tubes through to final analysis of the resulting aliquots.
The expiry of the plates is managed by the software. The refrigerator and the freezer storage phase are also fully monitored.

In which markets the NEO Sample Management can be used?

• Diagnostics
• Life science research and discovery
• Pharmaceutical and biotech companies
• Hospitals and clinical diagnostic labs
• Research institutions
• Governments and agencies laboratories
• Food quality and safety
• Veterinary
• Biobank markets
• Blood banks & transfusion centers

What are the Sales and Export specifications?


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