A red SSP enables the marking of the next available plate position in the freezer.
Our Research & Development Director has been involved in designing and building every single tool to make the storage process easier. We present you the new SSP Red Plate which allows you to remember the specific space into the freezer from where you have taken the SSP Plate that you are working with.

Reference : 3S48-09101

Benefits :
  • The high level of precision enables to track your sample position easily.
  • SSP is easily removed and feature a placing side for moving Red SSP between storage racks
  • Each Red SSP is independent and recyclable
Specification :
  • Dimensions 128mm x 85mm x 26mm
  • Compatible Products:
    -SSSM Safe Sampling Storage Racks
    -SSP 48 Plates

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3S48-09101 SSP Safe Sampling Plate without DataMatrix in Red


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