This RFID tag needs to be attached to our ICE Tubes
The Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system is a huge progression for sample management. The plastic coated microchip is resistant to extreme conditions. The information contained in the RFID tag can easily be updated each time the tube contents are manipulated. The RFID tag contains the 32 most recent events for the tube, and the database contains all the events for the lifetime of the sample.

Reference : ICE49-48200

Specification :
  • The sample constitution: After selection and insertion in the tube, the traceability of the sample begins. The RFID tag contains the answers to questions such as: When was the sample taken? Where was it taken?; or Who did it? This information is also automatically transferred to the database
  • Storage: The sample is preserved in mechanical freezers or in liquid nitrogen. Information is registered in the database at each step of the lifecycle of the sample (temperature, removal from storage, interventions…)
  • Transfer and release: The RFID microchip contains all the strategic information about the sample. In this way, its integrity is conserved (each key step can be recorded in the microchip and can be read by the RFID reader at any time).
  • CE marked
  • RFID tags for ICE tubes -80°C /-196°C
  • Compatible Products:
    - Format 48 and 81
    - 2D & RFID Reader
    - SSTS Software
    - Storage modules for ICE 48

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Internal thread.
Polypropylene and RFID Microchip is resistant to extreme conditions
Class 10 000

Reference Name Package Number Description
ICE49-00300 RFID TAGS ICE TUBES 48 Units Insulated RFID Tag for Cryotubes
ICE49-00301 RFID TAGS ICE TUBES 81 Units Insulated RFID Tag for Cryotubes
ICE49-00302 RFID TAGS ICE TUBES 500 Units Insulated RFID Tag for Cryotubes


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