Scanner Opticon

The Opticon 1D barcode hand scanner provides in-process plate identification in order to confirm the movement of plates and their microtubes.

Reference : 3S24001

In order to easily identify primary tubes, SSP 48 plates and the new NEO Plates 96; NEO manager makes use of a portable barcode reader, often called "barcode gun".

Benefits :
  • High performance scanner: The scanner provides a fast and accurate first time scan and is immediately ready for the next scan when the barcodes are printed with low contrast or high density.
  • Plug and scan : The plug and play ability of the OPL 6845 R allows the user to quickly connect and operate the scanner, thus putting its exceptional scanning performance to immediate use.
Specification :
  • Reads all barcode symbologies
  • Works with all BioSampling Systems software
  • Voltage requirements: 5V ± 10 % (Keyboard Wedge and USB), 6 V (min. 4.5, max. 6.5 V) (RS232)
  • Current consumption: max. 250 mA
  • Dimensions: 32 x 57 x 159 mm / 1.26 x 2.24 x 6.26 in
  • Case material: ABS antibacteria coated
  • Weight body: Ca. 90 g / 3.2 oz
  • Connector Keyboard Wedge: MiniDIN6 F/M
  • Connector RS232: DB9 F with external power
  • Connector USB: USB-A

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3S24001 Portable barcode reader OPTICON 6845


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