SSA Safe Sampling Automate for Plates SSP 48 1mL

The 3S System guarantees the management of the complete life cycle of each sample and offers:
  • QUALITY ALIQUOTING : Distribution of different biological samples (serum, plasma)
  • PRAGMATISM : Simple storage inventory for multiple robots in the same database (client/serveur)
  • TRACEABILITY : Storage, backup and data monitoring, LIMS import-export list, datamatrix code on each microtube
  • SIMPLICITY : Quick sample retrieval and authentication, management of sample expiry
  • TRANSFER : High security transfer of analysis, transport and disposal

    Reference : 3S10002 1mL

Specification :

SSA ensures the traceability, with total security, of your samples, from the aliquoting to the final use. Prevents contamination by using sterile, disposable tips and features unique anti-drip protection. Its rapid speed (130 samples 1mL per hour) facilitates integration into pre-analysis processes.

  • Double plate storage capacity up to 1mL
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Data Import from LIMS
  • Patient Database
  • SSP Plate Storage Management
  • Database Search
  • Reports in Different Formats
  • Microwells expiry alarms
  • Colours : Pick a colour, assign it one or more of your assays, scan the plate in the robot and assign a colour to the plate.
  • Easy to use: Managed by SSTS (under Windows®), the software that controls and tracks the entire system.
SSA Robot Technical aspects :
Power consumption : 110-230 Watts
Weight : Easy to handle (less than 36kg)
Dimensions : 48cm W x 61cm D x 65,5 cm H
Typical dimension of worktable : Capacity 48 tubes (3 racks of 16 positions), 2 plates
High throughput : 130 tubes per hour
Disposable tips : 500µL
Compatibility : SSP 48 Plate 1mL

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3S10002 1mL SSA Safe Sampling Automate for Plates SSP 48 1mL


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