SSK Safe Sampling Key

The DataMatrix code engraved on the well bottom enables its unambiguous authentication at any moment, even when separated from its parent SSP.

Reference : 3S48-09115

Even though an SSP plate is a single monoblock of plastic, the wells are individually detachable using the SSK Key. You can easily use a specific microwell without sacrificing the integrity of the surrounding microwells.

Specification :
  • Place the SSK Key’s cutting end (end “B”) at the top of the microtube you need
  • Push the SSK Key down onto the well
  • Rotate the tool a quarter-turn clockwise
  • Pull out the well and release it using the tool’s push-button.
  • Once detached from the SSP Plate, the well must be authenticated using the Safe Sampling Reader (SSR).
  • Use the "A" side of the the multipurpose SSK to cap individual microtubes after filling.

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3S48-09115 SSK Safe Sampling Key


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