SSP Demo Kit

For distributors demonstrations only.

Reference : 3S48-09105

This small kit contains everything you need to demontrate the basic principles and benefits of the Safe Sampling System. It focuses on the security and traceability advantages of 3S, and is used by distributors to put the product in the hands of the client, who will quickly understand the fundamental strengths of positive identification using an all-in-one solution.

Specification :

This Kit includes :

  • 1 SSP Plate
  • 1 SSK Key
  • 1 tamper evident sealing film
  • 8 colour codes tabs
  • 1 SSTT
  • Instructions
Benefits :
  • The kit demonstrates the various components of the 3S system like SSP Plates
  • To display the operating mode, structure of sample identifier and further details of the 3S System

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3S48-09105 SSP Demo Kit


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