SSP Safe Sampling Plate with Barcode without DataMatrix (500µL)

The SSP without DataMatrix is a monoblock storage container housing 48 individually extractable wells.

Reference : 3S48-09102

The SSP is made out of a single polypropylene block ("monoblock") and contains 48 wells with a unit volume of 500µL. Each well is individually detachable, which means that you can easily remove it from the plate with our SSK Key.

Specification :
  • Monoblock plate : 48 extractable wells
  • Microtube base (wells) : Standard SBS format
  • Volume : 500 μl per well
  • Shock resistant container
  • 100% polypropylene: suited to low temperatures (-80°C).
  • Space saving.
  • RNAse, DNAse, Pyrogen test
  • Archiving and storing samples from A to Z guarantees that the right sample will be retrieved.
  • Sample event tracking.
  • Sample expiry management.
  • Patient management.
  • Full traceability and positive identification with:
  • - Barcodes
    - Colour tabs for quick content identification.
    - Alphanumeric cap and tube indexation (plastic moulding).
    - Optional RFID chip upgradeable.

Benefits :
  • Monoblock : Security, reduced costs, robustness, stability
  • 48 wells of 500µL storage and transfer with total safety, integrity and traceability.
  • Individual extractable wells : Integrity of samples, thaw only the required quantity of sample for the analysis
  • Positive ID multi-coding : Alphanumeric code, barcode, colour code
  • Non-reactive container viable down to -80°C
  • Reduced format: 7 times less space compared to sample tubes.
  • Standard format: Compatible with the majority of automates on the market

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Item Description
3S48-09102 Safe Sampling Plates without DataMatrix + Caps (8 plates/box)
3S48-09152 Safe Sampling Plates without DataMatrix + Caps (64 plates+ 2 SSK/carton)
3S48-09153 Safe Sampling Plates without DataMatrix +Caps (1 2580 plates/pallet)


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