SSP Safe Sampling Plate with DataMatrix & Barcode (1mL)

The SSP 48 is characterised by its reliability, security, and ease of use. In addition these plates are provided with 1D and 2D DataMatrix to ensure full traceability in the manage samples process. The SSP 48 1mL is also compatible with “NEO robot” which provides a full liquid storage management process. The combination of the NEO Sample Management and the new SSP 48 1mL ensures full traceability in the treatment of samples..

Reference : 3S48-09154

Specification :
  • Monoblock plate: 48 extractable wells
  • Standard SBS, transparent microplate recommended for: Individual sample retrieval;
    Shipping samples; Storage of DNA, compounds, or any other samples
  • Volume: 1mL per well
  • Weight: 77gr without cap and 93gr with cap
  • Tube identification 2D: Datamatrix ECC 200 (14x14)
  • Plate identification 1D: Code 128
  • Minimal Storage temperature: -80°C
  • Cleanroom standards: Class 10 000 (Corresponding 14644 standards)
  • Archiving and storing samples from A to Z guarantees that the right sample will be
  • Biological storage samples: Plasma, serum, sperm, cord blood, white blood cell, tissues.
  • Natural Polypropylene Homopolymere Microplate
  • Antistatic: Yes
  • Manipulation and stocking: Protection against ultraviolet (can generate a change of
  • Safety: No dangerous materials
  • Density: 905kg/m3 (ISO 1183)
  • Hardness shore D: 72 (ISO 868)
  • Charpy impact test (Tested at 23°): 2Kj/m²
  • Recycling protocol: Incineration

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