SSP Safe Sampling Plate with DataMatrix & Barcode (500µL)

At the heart of the system, the Safe Sampling Plate (SSP) is a monoblock container with 48 individually extractable wells (microtubes), each with a unique DataMatrix and human readable text. It provides reliability, security, traceability, robustness and saves space.

Reference : 3S48-09100

The SSP is made out of a single polypropylene block ("monoblock") and contains 48 wells with a unit volume of 500µL. Each well is individually detachable, which means that you can easily remove it from the plate with our SSK Key. Since the wells are detachable they are also be equipped with a unique identifier, a DataMatrix code. The SSP’s DataMatrix code and the relative position of the well in the SSP® are all engraved on the base of the well.

Benefits :
  • Monoblock : Security, reduced costs, robustness, stability
  • 48 wells of 500µL storage and transfer with total safety, integrity and traceability.
  • Individual extractable wells : Integrity of samples, thaw only the required quantity of sample for the analysis
  • Positive ID multi-coding : DataMatrix, alphanumeric code, barcode, colour code, RFID
  • Non-reactive container viable down to -80°C
  • Reduced format: 7 times less space compared to sample tubes.
  • Standard format: Compatible with the majority of automates on the market
Specification :
  • Monoblock plate : 48 extractable wells
  • Microtube base : Standard SBS format
  • Volume : 500μl per well
  • Shock resistant container
  • 100% polypropylene: suited to low temperatures (-80°C).
  • Space saving.
  • RNAse, DNAse, Pyrogen test
  • Archiving and storing samples from A to Z guarantees that the right sample will be retrieved.
  • Sample event tracking.
  • Sample expiry management.
  • Patient management.
  • Full traceability and positive identification with:
  • - Unique DataMatrix laser-etched code on each well
    - Barcodes
    - Colour tabs for quick content identification.
    - Alphanumeric cap and tube indexation (plastic moulding).
    - Optional RFID chip upgradeable.

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Item Description
3S48-09100 Safe Sampling Plates with DataMatrix + Caps (8 plates/box)
3S48-09150 Safe Sampling Plates with DataMatrix + Caps (64 plates+ 2 SSK/carton)
3S48-09103 Safe Sampling Plates with DataMatrix +Caps (1 2580 plates/pallet)


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