SSSM Safe Sampling Storage Racks

The freezer racks for SSP plate are a compact option to save space in the lab’s cold storage.

Reference : 3S48-09700

Technical information

Created to save space in a laboratory’s cold storage unit, the Safe Sampling Storage Module (or SSSM) is compact and resist temperatures down to -80°C. Each module enables storage of one plate. The modules can be interlinked horizontally and vertically just like Lego® blocks, forming a storage structure which matches the dimensions of your refrigerators and freezers.

Benefits :
  • SSP plates locked in position during transportation of the SSSM modules
  • Temperatures down to -80°C
  • 100% usage of the laboratory’s cold storage space
Specification :
  • Wall/Shelf Material Polypropylene
  • Length 145mm x 28mm height x 60mm width
  • 1 carton of 70 units

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3S48-09700 SSSM (Safe Sampling Storage Module)


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