SST Safe Sampling Tips 96, Non-Sterile, Black, 500µL

SST Tips are certified Rnase, Dnase and endotoxin safe on a lot by lot basis.

Reference : 3S48-09131

Made from medical grade 100% virgin polypropylene and manufactured in a clean room environment to eliminate contamination, these robotic tips are inspected with strict tolerances for straightness, uniformity and performance.

Benefits :

To ensure that our tips meet the most exacting requirements for laboratory automation:

  • Static Free Rack - Design includes molded conductive rack and snap plastic plate to hold tips to reduce static interactions during shipping and seating on instrument pipetting heads, enhancing product performance and reliability
  • Gold Standard Quality Control - Accurate sample delivery is a function of both your robotic lab automation system and dispensing tip performance. To optimise the performance of your robotic lab automation system, it’s important to use high quality tips such as SST dispensing tips.
Specification :
  • Rigorous automatic tip loading and unloading verification
  • Precision pipetting verification
  • RNAse, DNAse, Pyrogen test

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Ordering Guide
Item Description
3S48-09131 1 Carton (24 Racks of 96 tips of 2 304 Tips)
3S48-09136 1 Pallet (64 Box containing 24 racks of 96 tips 147 456 Tips)
3S48-09132 SST Safe Sampling Tips Bulk (960 tips)
3S48-09139 Rack SST Safe Sampling Tips


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