SSTS Safe Sampling Tracing Software

The SSTS software is the engine of the 3S system. It manages the full lifecycle of the samples in your biobank.
- Storage and expiry of samples, search engine, full traceability of samples.
- Configurable, both the system and external data flow (LIS).

Reference : 3S14500

Specification :

The Safe Sampling Tracking Software (or SSTS) is the backbone of the 3S system. It drives all the peripherals: The SSA robot, the SSR, the Hand barcode reader and barcode printer. Above all, the SSTS software is responsible for recording all the operations performed on the 3S system, in order to guarantee sample security and traceability.

SSTS aspects :
  • Runs under Windows® 64 bit
  • Intelligent sample volume management
  • Client/server database
  • User access management
  • Easy sample retrieval management
  • Full management of our accessories
Benefits :
  • Simple and intuitive menu.
  • Graphical management of each step from
  • the filling, through storage, to the removal of the well from the library.
  • Custom security rights for users.
  • Basic and advanced modes based on user’s requirements.
  • Database and statistics module, multi-criteria search.
  • Import/export to LIMS, configurable.
  • Control of instruments and peripherals (SSA®, SSR®, bar­code printer …).

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3S14500 SSTS (Safe Sampling Tracing Software)


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