SSTT Safe Sampling Transfer Tube N°1

SSTT secures the transport of your samples.

Reference : S348-09300 + 3S48-09170 + 3S48-09160

The Safe Sampling Transfer Tube N° 1 is used to transfer a microwell under optimal sample safety conditions. You simply place the well inside the plastic tube, insert the air-tight cap, which helps avoid contamination problems if ever the well opens inside the tube-holder. Then seal the unit with the intrusion detection cap and the unit is ready for transport.

Benefits :
  • The Safe Sampling Transfer Tube (SSTT N°1) is used to transfer a well under optimal sample safety
  • When the cap is removed, the tongue breaks in two guaranteeing intrusion detection
  • The cap incorporates a tool for contamination-free SSP microwell cap removal tool
Specification :
  • Take hold of the transfer tube.
  • Insert the well into the SSTT
  • Position the air-tight cap on the SSTT
  • Fit the tamper-evident cap onto the SSTT. Make sure that the plastic tongue is inserted into the corresponding slot.

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Item Description
3S48-09300 SST (Safe Sampling Transfer Tube) N°1
3S48-09170 Tamper proof caps for SST Safe Sampling Transfer Tube N°1
3S48-09160 Rubber Plugs for SSTT N°1


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