SSW Safe Sampling Workstation

Ensure sample integrity with the innovative NEO Plate 96.

Reference : 3S15001

The Safe Sampling Workstation (or SSW) helps you to perform computer-aided dispensing and manual aliquoting (even for small sample runs) with a high level of safety and traceability.

The SSW Manual Distribution includes :
  • Workstation + 2 racks for primary tubes (3S15001)
  • Computer with the SSTS Software (3S14500)
  • Portable barcode reader (3S24001)
  • SSP 48 wells (3S48-09100)
  • SSK Safe Sampling Key (3S48-09115)
Features of the manual distribution :
  • Central information database into SSTS software
  • Quick information retrieval
  • Perpetuation of information & traceability
  • Data reports export (PDF, Word, Excel, printer...)
  • Alerts system
  • Cross-database searches
  • Automatic data imports
  • Versatile administration
  • Upgradable
  • Compatible with NEO Plates and SSP 48
  • One licence per database covers all the lab users.
Important Specification:

How to perform a manual distribution with the SSW Workstation?
Seven easy steps for a secure manual aliquoting and distributions:

  • STEP 1: Place a correctly orientated SSP Plate in the SSW® Workstation
  • STEP 2: Click the "Manual Distribution" icon, a new window will appears on the screen
  • STEP 3: Click in the plate field and scan the SSP Plate barcode
  • STEP 4: Select the SSP plate colour corresponding to the preserved material and click on «GO». In the new window you will see:
  • - The plate number scanned
    - The filled wells in grey colour
    - The default volume defined as 500μL
    - The custom volume which can be modified for each sample if necessary.

  • STEP 5: Select the Sample field and scan the primary tube barcode with the barcode reader
  • STEP 6: Press "Distribute" button.You should see the wells to be filled highlighted in Yellow.
  • STEP 7: Fill the microwell manually

The manual distribution has been completed.

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Item Description
3S15001 SSW Safe Sampling Workstation + 2 SSW Rack 13mm Ø
3S15100 SSW Rack 13mm Ø for 24 tubes 5ml
3S15200 SSW Rack 17mm Ø for 24 tubes 10ml


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