Storage Freezer Racks ICE

Freezer racks for storage of microplates and holder plates
The ICE Freezer Racks holds one ICE Box (48 format) and the racks can be assembled to match your freezer space, thus optimising you available space.

Reference : ICE49-48200

Specification :
  • Storage Module for ICE box 48 format
  • Storage format codes for 48 ICE Box format
  • CE marked
  • 44 Units for ICE Boxes -80°C / Format 48
  • Compatible Products:
    - ICE Box 48 format
    - SSTS Software
    - Storage modules for ICE 48

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Storage Freezer Racks ICE Class 10 000
Internal thread.
Class 10 000

Reference Name Package Number Description
ICE49-48200 STORAGE MODULE ICE BOXES STORAGE MODULE 44 Units Storage Module for ICE Boxes -80°C / Format 48


Example Frame