Tamper-Evidence Sealing Film

The tamper-evident film guarantees the inviolability of each individual sample.

Reference : 3S48-09120

You can place a tamper-evidence sealing film on the plate to be sure that the wells have not been touched between the moment they are capped and the moment they are retrieved for further use.

Benefits :
  • Protection : Place the plate on a flat surface and carefully place the film on the plate. Rub gently to fix it in place
  • 100% Security Design : This film option avoids any external contact reducing the risk of contamination
Specification :
  • 8 films in each pack
  • It sticks directly over the caps on the SSP.
  • Any tampering attempt is then immediately visible
  • Easy to read printing for easy relocation of each microtube.

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3S48-09120 Tamper Evident Sealing Film


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