Biobanks are well-organised resources comprising biological samples and associated information that are accessible to scientific investigation. Across the world, millions of samples with related data are held in different types of collections.

While individual collections can be well organized and accessible, the resources are subject to fragmentation, insecurity of funding and incompleteness. To address these issues BioSampling Systems provides full sample management solutions for your biobank : software, automates, readers, accessories and consumables for real-time liquid handling for research labs in more than 78 countries, whether in academic centres, pharmaceutical and biotech screening labs, drug discovery groups, or disease and therapeutic area research groups.

Why every laboratory needs our products?

Understanding the molecular and environmental basis of human diseases, in order to improve diagnosis and treatment is a top priority jointly for companies and biomedical researchers. This implies that funders and researchers need to work together to improve this understanding as rapidly and efficiently as possible. The pre-condition for such an improvement is the efficient organisation of the resources that are studied.

A Laboratory needs to follow the Quality Assurance and Standardisation of Biospecimens described below:

• Train all personel who are involved in the collection, processing, storage and distribution of tissues.
• Standardise collection, processing, storage and distribution protocols to ensure the highest quality samples and comparability of research results.
• Perform appropriate QC testing on each specimen, such as histopatholgy (H&E), immunohistochemistry, testing for DNA/RNA integrity, and other QC testing as appropriate.
• Barcode the specimens and data so that it is easy both to match the specimen with the pathology report and other associated data and to locate the specimen in the storage facility.
• Use researcher feedback about sample quality to re-examine QC procedures