NEO Total Chain Sample Management

NEO Sample Management is designed to guarantee the traceability of the samples, ensure sample integrity, improve tracking efficiencies and optimise freezer space to satisfy all your biobank’s needs.

Reference : 3S11-050

Specification :
  • ADAPTABILITY : Modular software design allows the system to be configured and upgraded to suit the scientist’s needs.
  • SECURITY : Intrusion detection in the robot, positive ID for the resources.
  • PRODUCTIVITY : 3 finger touches on the tactile screen is enough to complete a full distribution cycle from the primary tubes to the closed microtubes.
  • TRACEABILITY : The robot, reader, scanner and software form a complete loop which avoids breaking the chain between patient and microtubes biospecimen.
The Total Chain includes :

1. NEO Robot: Automated secure sample distribution for biological samples. Guaranteed traceability using 2D barcode.

  • Scanner for full plate resource identification
  • 196 primary tubes, 4 plates sites
  • Automatic reading barcodes
  • Liquid detection by capacitance and pressure
  • High throughput: to 180 tubes per hour (depending on profile).
  • Dimensions: 98cm x 71cm x 75,5cm
  • Weight: 75 Kg

2. NEO Manager (Software): Full lifecycle tracking of all your samples :

  • Biobank LIS connection. Software for management/traceability
  • Positive identification methodology
  • Freezer management

3. Standard Computer: Complete computer (screen, mouse, keyboard…). Windows installed on the computer in the language of your choice.

4. NEO Reader 2D barcode: Reader (DataMatrix). Error-free microwell identification .

5. Label Printer: Labels your transport tubes, primary tubes...

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