ICE System

Intelligent Cryo environment

Positive Identification, ONE Sample, One ID
BioSampling Systems offers the first cryotube that fits in the 81-well, 48-well or 96-well SBS standard format. The ICE tube comprises several identification methods: DataMatrix, classical label or RFID tag. This comprehensive tube can contain up to 1.80mL for all your most common storage applications. Together with our ICE boxes, racks and related equipment, the ICE tube offers you a complete solution.

Why would you want to store samples?
  • There is a legal obligation.
  • To have a sample history.
  • To try new research techniques.
  • To be able to re-test them if necessary even a few decades later.
  • To preserve the sample quality.
  • To relocate the sample easily.
  • To manage the workflow more efficiently.
  • To retrieve the sample without any error possible.
What do you want to store into the ICE tubes? Liquid or tissues?
  • With ICE Tubes you are able to store both liquid and solid valuable sample contents such as:
    1) Liquid samples
    - Urine,
    - Blood (plasma, serum…),
    - Sperm,
    - Botanic,
    - Oceanography,
    - Cosmetic…
    2) Solid samples using the “Lamelle de Janin”,
    is a small stick inserted into the cap of
    the cryotube
    - Tumours
    - Bones,
    - Hairs…
  • ICE tubes are compatible with any biological liquid samples (the tubes are made of pure polypropylene).
  • ICE tubes are compatible with any biological solid samples (the “Lamelle de Janin” allows the good orientation of the sample).
  • The pure polypropylene is non-reactive and provides secure sample storage as the content, is not altered once it has been frozen.
What are the benefits of ICE tubes?
  • Optimise the management of your sample resections.
  • Gain space using compact storage units.
  • Gain time locating and retrieving your samples in a few secondes.
  • Visual security thanks to the inviolability tabs.
  • RFID and DataMatrix for easy identification of the sample.
  • The 2D and RFID readers identify, manage and write (tag) either individually (dual scanner), or simultaneously (commercial scanner, WaveBox Matrix Scanner).


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