Increase throughput and maximise storage space with absolute traceability of samples

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Paris - BioSampling Systems has been providing full biological sample management solutions (software, automate, readers, accessories, consumables) for more than 5 years. Currently we are launching this fantastic liquid handling product the NEO Sample Management. The sophisticated NEO Sample Management is designed to guarantee the traceability of biological samples, to ensure sample integrity, as well as to improve the searching of a sample all these for a better freezer space optimisation.

High throughput

NEO Robot is part of the NEO Sample Management is a magnificent robot characterised by its high throughput capacity; NEO Robot process more than 150 tubes per hour.
NEO Robot automated liquid handling not only provides high-speed aspirating and dispensing but he is also capable to determinate available liquid volume and tube diameter making transfer of liquids more accurate.

Absolute traceability of samples

An integrated A4 scanner assures positive identification of full range of plates, primary and secondary tubes, and this step is performed even before any aliquoting started. A complete report of the status of each sample guarantees the productivity in the workflow.
From the reception of primary tubes until storing in the laboratory freezer NEO Sample Management System manages the full lifecycle of samples without forgetting the right sample location and information retrieval from the freezer storage to analyse the sample contents or transport it.

Adapted for everything

NEO robot engineers made sure NEO Robot could be used any plate in market. It is actually compatible with the their plates “3S SSP 48”, “NEO Plate 96” and “ICE 81 cryo tube” but also with any other plate in the labs.
Their systems can be used in different domains such as clinical, diagnostics, biotechnical, environmental, food quality and safety testing.
For further information on NEO Sample Management solutions, please visit us at HET Amsterdam 2012 at SALM EN KIPP BV booth in Hall 1, A008 or contact BioSampling Systems at:

About BioSampling Systems

BioSampling Systems was created with the goal of enabling our customers to increase the laboratory throughput of all biological samples and to improve the quality of its sample management storage.
We are taking action to provide the biological liquid sample industry with innovative sample management technologies: 3S System (storage at -20°C/-80°C), ICE System (storage at -80°C/-196°C in liquid nitrogen) and NEO Sample Management (-135°C in mechanical freezers).
They increased their focus on pharmaceutical and biotech companies, hospitals and clinical diagnostic labs, research institutions, governments and agencies.

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