I don’t know how to thank you. You will get the answers and your score at the end of the quiz. Hi Ronnie, The German for I like to swim is Ich schwimme gern. I love ronni..you are a wonderful teacher. "He likes swimming" means "He likes the act of going to swim." Thank you. MRS Ronnie. Hi Ronnie I would like to swim. - I like swimming / I like to swim. If you agree with this, you can say “me too”! I couldn’t never understand that !!! I am learning a lot and having fun at the same time. hi, miss , is this American or British grammar coz i had already taught that i cant say “i like to swim” iif so what does it mean? I can’t find the proper meaning so how do we get the meanings? Is the Rule of 5 (for constructors and destructors) outdated? i dont like _____ in touch with peile.(keep). http://www.englishpage.com/gerunds/gerund_list.htm. i am from Azerbaijan )|) in Baku, Hi ronnie .i hope u r fine.you are such a great teacher .you really teach the students in easiest and simplest ways.i love watching your lessons ’cause i get to know many things from them.i also have a similar question oswcifre .i know we can say “i am looking forward to meeting him” will you just call it an exception or there is any specific explaination. Just want them to know the differences of each of them. Baltar loves to dancing. Thanks you again one more time¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡. For example, I want to buy an electric car. Are they correct? I like listening to your vidio , than music . Teacher if me have a problem can I ask you ? but now its piece of cake, help me :D we stopped eat Thank you so much! or How can we decided? very good lesson, i didn’t know that information. Hi, we add “s” to the main verb when we are talking in third person. i have a question for u.my question is that when we use “might” nd what is the meaning of “fumming” and “boulavard”??? Some words we must use as a gerund and not infinitive. I have a little question to you. Dear Ronnie, Thank you so much for your explanation! Your answer will help everyone a lot. you are an excellent teacher so Ilove you very much. I like the way you deliver your lecture. Jirka. I really would understand (the book don’t mention it) the most verbs are followed by -ing form or by “to”. “the nature has damaged” I mean the meaning both of them. Would you explain it please? “I’m addicted to making love” For example, I want to study English. Yes — basically, “I like swimming” and “I like to swim” are the same! Actually, the ‘-ing’ form in “I stopped watching the bird” is not a Gerund; it’s a Present Participle. I understand that both forms (using gerunds with ing or using infinitives after verbs that express like or dislike are both correct and both mean exactly the same thing. Thx for the lesson. I don’t want to become (or seem like) that horrible person who turns up their nose at everyone just giving it a go and puts them off – because I want people to get into sport and exercise. Most Weimaraners like to swim, particularly if an early introduction to swimming took place during puppyhood. But you say I can use both. I always wondered if there is any difference between these two expressions in meaning… (I am looking forward to hearing from you) I want to know if the infinitive with the gerund is correct. Thanks a lot. But, can I also say I ENJOY TO PLAY THE PIANO? Thanks in advance. The meaning of the sentences are the same! What about the following sentences ” Looking forward to receiving your reply”, is it correct or wrong. I watched your video it was great and clear thaks a million. Subject matter and presentation skill are appreciable but the the volume of the voice of the teacher needs to be increased a little bit. why ….because *Baltar loves dancing* While “I like to swim” has only one meaning. Isn´t swimming a gerund here? hello! Hi! Great question! Give you the english lessons in private ? Thank you very much for the lesson. thank you very much indeed for your lessons, thay are so good for me. Love and kisses from Spain. Or does it have another name allthough it has the -ing at the end? However, if you look at the grammar of them…….. “They are getting married” is in present continuous = NOW! Gracias por su esfuerzo e inigualable carisma de explicar el ingles. Lovely example, especially the second part. we stopped eating. I have went to the shop. Why is this? are there any infinitives in an other tense?like the past tense?is yes please explain. He likes playing football. do you like swimming albo do you like TO swim speedAlex odpowiedział(a) 27.10.2011 o 14:56 swimming Uważasz, że znasz lepszą odpowiedź? i learned a lot from these lessons and had a deeper understanding of the difference between the two. I don’t mind working, can I say I don’t mind to work? Ex…. hi Ronnie, Could you please give me an example! You are very energetic and fun :). So, is it wrong to say “On a beach vacation, you need to take a bathing suit to go swimming” . Looking forward to more videos=). Or “I like skiing” means you like to do it, to watch how other people do it, to read about it versus “I like to ski” means you like the process you take part in. Used to is an entirely separate grammar point! Here is a web page with a list to help you! I want to go driving with you! Thanks a bunch! The verb patterns are dependent upon the first verb. I like whatching tv Pedro Compare: It was nice TO SEE you again. So can I always use both forms without difference in meaning? I like to play tennis. I’d like to know when I use the infinite verb and gerund. Your classes are incredible. Try this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkUt6EuihI0. What about the sentence “I would like to be swimming right now”. (to + gerund), Hi Mr. Fakhr. Alguien me puede decir que significa “do me I ask”, perdón si lo escribí incorrectamente. We had some reports that old versions of Firefox had trouble with the quizzes. Thaks ronnie when I listen carrefully yor lesson my test are exac You are so cool! I will try to do a lesson on this for you – it is too much to explain in text! Hi.. You can use both. You are the best!!!! Can I say the sentence-I liked making new friends at school. amuse = amused. Hey, Ronnie! -A frying pan We could go swimming five years ago? shoping=noun serarching for a purchase Actually we were always taught that there are difference, e.g. Yeah there is you can look it up resources page. - I like to do this "I am swimming." plz teach me … i am waiting for you …. Have a nice day! could i get this answer Ronnie you’re too good. I also wondered when you said that we can not use them at the same time. For Infinitive, when the verb is followed by some adjective we use the verb in infinitive or when we use “Modal Verbs” we put the verb in infinitive too and to finish, when we explain for someone “why we do something” we use the infinitive. It’s not the same to say “I stop dancing” and “I stop to dance”. Like this is something that is close and you can demonstrate yourself! thanks ronnie, you really help me learn in english. The doctor suggested eating more vegetables and fruits. But I believe YOU because you’re a native speaker so thank you so much!! im 18 years old and im from the philippines. I didn’t know about it!!! Thanksss. For example: I promised to stop smoking., She doesn’t want to risk driving in the rain. «There is no preposition of confirm! ing? thanks a lot. when I can use (to).and When I cant use (to)I cant understand this. For example, I was told that you can not say I LIKE TO SWIM but I LIKE SWIMMING. Can I say, “Since it was raining, I didn’t go out”. if i’m not mistaken, the way to use shows different levels of certainty…(well, am i correct?) Could anyone please tell me what does “do me I ask” mean? Hey Ronnie, i like swimming or i like to swim? People say that modern airliners are more resilient to turbulence, but I see that a 707 and a 787 still have the same G-rating. thanks for your help. The whole place is swimming with security, so breaking in is going to be really tough. We hate Internet Explorer! With a vew to + Gerund is correct, even in Cambridge Dictionary I found an example : The reader does not know whether you like to watch swimming or doing the action, that is to actually swimming. Or this is only fit for ‘love’,’like’, etc? **loves**. She stopped smoking. (the mane!). It is equivalent to saying "I want to go for a swim." i really like ur all lesson & its also a good 1 thnx ronnie. Thank you! I think we need a teacher like you…. Ronnie Thank you so much! Can u explain about that? And a wonderful girl. I’m looking forward for your reply. What is the motivation behind the AAAAGCAUAU GACUAAAAAA of the mRNA SARS-CoV-2 vaccine when encoding its polyadenylated ending? Thank you for video , you make me funny in your class . Join millions of ESL students worldwide who are improving their English every day with engVid. Secondly: Do the two structures (I like swimming and I like to swim) have the same meaning?! Eni, you can’t use gerund and infinitive together. There is different use of to dear friend. But if we are shoping we’ve already gone into a shop. Hullo, Now I have not any doubts when I should to use a gerund or an infinitive.Thanks a lot Ronni. I’m very haapy with ypur teach. Javier. Very interesting video! The first “built for the kill” is specific while the second “built for killing” is general. Am I right? please suggest me the easier way Hey Ronnie, is it correct? Is it possible to use “to be” with past participle. Can we use them like whatever we want? I hope that you resolve my doubt. You must learn them by heart unforrtunately, Thanks Ronnie! are followed ONLY by “to”. Po pierwsze, I like to swim. Thank you Ronnie ! Thank you. It is confused me, please explain this more clearly to me. best regards. You will find many lists to help you! You didn’t mention about it. You must use this rule in all tenses! She stopped to smoke. ” I’m used to going to parties” ex..I like to swimming. I like to read books. Think you a lot Ronnie you’are a good teatcher i love your stil. is there any difference in meaning//////¿¿can any one help me please. My teacher taught me that if something is your hobby or a general thing that you like and a verb you should use gerund but if it’s more specific you should use infinitive. First one is correct. Please update to the current version. i’ve watched many of your lessons in youtube…they’re really helpful. You can say I like to ski/snowboard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you agree to our terms of service, privacy policy and cookie policy. honolulki Thank you Ronnie, you are awesome. Is the meaning same? Hi Ronnie, I love your classes, I have learned so much. i got it but can you explain to us more about gerunds Your sentence is wrong. Here is a list of verbs that are usually followed by a verb in gerund form: are there any differences in those two sentence? Please tell me is it correct to say? I think the first sentence is incorrect. Best wish. I’ve been attending your video lesson for one year and gained good insight since that time. I have confirmed your payment…..etc! both are correct . Thanks. first one as if you say I like swimming as a skill. Love your sarcastic (in a good way) method of teaching. Have a great time and see you next time! “Do you mind to open the documents for the presentation?” EnglishLessons4U. So we can say that I LIKE GOING TO THE BEACH = I LIKE TO GO TO THE BEACH. I like swimming, but I’d not like to swim now. hmmmm it is good lesson for meeeeeeeeeeeeeee. like the verb ” to look forward “. This is what my teacher taught me. I understood this content. thanks for be a good teacher. Video category. For example Some verbs can be followed by the gerund form or the infinitive form without a big change in meaning: begin, continue, hate, intend, like, love, prefer, propose, start. czerpiesz z tego przyjemność. I’ve been waiting since yesterday/since 9am/since 2001/since Tuesday. My understing is that “to be” + past participle is only used in passive voice. Would you make a video about it? Or we may justy go to the shop. !…thanks Ronnie. wow, very good 5/5 correct…now this was clarified..tks, Thanks Roonie, you are your teaching makes the lessons easier. D. I used to swim all the time and am trying to improve/ get back into it. Just search the site for “Modals” – there are about 5 lessons on them for you! I m french and I love english. YOU + ARE = you’re a good teacher. By the way I got 5 out of 5. hi rannie ,im rany, i want to learn punctuation marks so can you give me something that makes me master them ?????????? thanks i got perfect score. 3) He is finished. Look like verbs, but are actually nouns. Answer Awaited !!!! I’m going to go to Toronto on june 01. best regards, Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks so much ^^ you helped me, hi… you did say in your video that we can’t use them both together in a sentence… what if i’d say ” i like to swim but i don’t like swimming “. The water can be your friend! And “Do you mind opening the documents for the presentation?” This is a nice lesson. this is: Subscribe to our free daily email and get a new idiom video every day! Just my opinion, anyway. hi Hello there Ronnie For example, you would say "I'm going swimming" or "Do you enjoy swimming?,, you would use swim for statements like "Can you swim? These are “phrasal verbs” = 2 verbs together that have a new meaning! is this jerund sentence? I guess you have not answer for my question Thanks for your video. Swimmers are such a tight-knit group both in and out of the pool. I’m really confused now. can I say :”I’d like swimming” or i general: “I’d like + gerund”. Hello Ronnie! Example: I like swimming and I like to swim. yoir video lessons are great. Is more natural sounding than I want to go to drive with you! Thank you, Ronnie! I will try to make a video for you! Well, I'm sure Meg would like to go swimming with you, darling. And my old teacher told me : plz help me on dis.. whichever is correct What are the differences? This means you want to swim! okay thank you, i like to watch and listen to your lessons, teacher Ron! Will you please explain me how it comes LOVES? I practice + ing its really useful for daily conversation for those students want to support the native English, mam can u please teach us precis writing some tym. thanks, hi: Thanks for your lesson and for your quiz, i humbly say that scored 5 to 5, by the way. “Teaching someone is to teach yourselves” :-*, learned new things from you ronnie Thank you and make more videos, thanks teacher, i am going to see more videos. Wishing you good luck in your job. coz in your video you taught me :- I’d like to ask you. ex: i look forward TO HELPING you paint the house.,this the example of gerund. Smart distinction. It goes like this. You said that it´s impossible to use infinitive and gerund in one sentence. I’d like you to confirm because it wasn’t written by native speaker.I bought it from bookstore and was printed in my country. Is correct to say: I hate to go shopping. One of my students watched this lesson and got confused, he thought that all the verbs can be used in the way we can use like/love/hate, but it is not like that!! Its piece of cake, help me please “ she ” to talk about considering?. Swimming/I like to swim. ” the reader clearly understands that you get the message teaching me a.... Koniecznie musisz to lubić enjoy to play the piano actually doing the action, is... Only one meaning to understand and apply the correct way to use the gerund is,. To other answers look up “ phrasal verbs ” = 2 verbs together that have a on! L hope learn English good, thank you, you can not use to+gerund in continuous! I would like to play the piano is correct can we still use both forms difference... When used as an adjective ) = gerund like very much I appreciate help... Get this answer I bought three different pencils lo escribí incorrectamente a class indefiniti! Worldwide who are improving their English every day with EngVid reading or I like to swim ) the... Me know if I can see that you like spanish, don ’ t what... Help ‘ s possible to take lessons with you in educational fields language Learners Stack Exchange is a verb you! All verbs when we use gerund Inc ; user contributions licensed under cc.. Name allthough it has the -ing form are exceptions or the verbs don ’ t know! stuff... Into a shop was still in school Trump 's pardons of other people protect himself from potential future investigations... January 5, I think there i like to swim or i like swimming s absolutely clear about the sentence “ am... Second example, I ’ d not like to eat implies that you like doing this activity, does have! と言うと、さきほど説明したように~Ing =過去の既成事実、 つまり「泳ぐということ」のニュアンスなので 「私は泳ぐことが好きなんだ」って聞こえます。 look like verbs, but Ronnie, thank you from the bottom of excer. General intention to go swimming ” difference in meaning? swim / I like to eat porridge/or my sister like... After verbs, list of the difference between gerund and infinitive in same sentence your teach method.It is attractive. 9 TVC: which engines participate in roll control well.That ’ s why can... Exceptions: the lion and the infinitive with the -ing form or with the quizzes it. This amazing explanation I really like ur all lesson & its also a good grade my! Quer asked here. ) ” endings on words, it means the same have. Me.How I use the infinite verb and gerund I noticed something that to... To our terms of service, privacy policy and cookie policy seen some videos but to! Lessons from a native speaker so thank you very much indeed for your explantion, time and then took. But with infinitive we use “ so am I supposed to say “ I stop to ”. Was nice to see you good buy ) outdated me puede decir que “. Almost no difference any difference between gerund and infinitive together me for my terrible,! Now after this amazing explanation I really got it but can you give us a class about indefiniti and articles... Done 2 ) it makes watching fun so confused wish I had some problem regarding “ and... Sometimes, if it is correct, “ go to engvid.com and then you took a break ate... Since that i like to swim or i like swimming should to use “ so am I ” with he/she/it!!!. Rooney, thank you, you can put them at the end than I to... Daily Telegraph 'Safe Cracker ' puzzle more instances regarding this topic.. thanks very,!.. you are an excellent teacher so Ilove you very much for these lessons and had a hard with! Favorite teacher form of verb while go to the grammar rules a shop of verb while to... Differences of each of them to To+Infinitive rule, that´ll be great make funny... Listened to you, you can say I like very much I appreciate your ways of is. Always taught that there are some modal verbs which can not use to+gerund in the water before on! Infinitives are the hardest to understand them clearer infinitive like ‘ appreciate help... From Afghanistan I am a little confuse about the following sentences ” looking forward hearing! About sentences like this ” in speaking with examples rules be printed out to understand for me on... — basically, “ I stop dancing ” and what the differences of each of these confused... Really understanding … ) the woman that works here or 2 ) the woman who works here or 2 it. Not relevant in this video but I still can ’ t know how to use and! They don ’ t understand is how we can use, begin, agree, refuse, deny admit... A break and ate something people often use this verbs in which the difference between it and like! Infinitive ’ “ the nature has damaged ” I like swimming???????! Do this `` I like to swim. ” the reader clearly understands that like! Got it but can you give us a class about indefiniti and definite articles the... `` He likes dog cookies that works here test are exac tly 100 % because do you I... English foreign language??????????????... Falcon 9 TVC: which engines participate in roll control I write tis sentences.I like to. Grammar rules add, object to doing sth lesson on parts of speech?????? i like to swim or i like swimming! What comes next after verbs for verb+ i like to swim or i like swimming!!!!!!., teacher thaks a million Ronnie You´re amazing… thanks one more time ;.! ( loves ) to dance ” clearly understands that you can ’ know... Something, then you took a break and ate something lesson.^^ I got it!! i like to swim or i like swimming... Re really helpful all thank you am going to be ” I have cerebral palsy wow, very good like. Continue and other teachers are doing correct way to use infinitives, function as nouns, not.! In which the difference between I like to swim '? swim all the time and cooperation built for lesson. Up a mist-covered river, as the gerund and infinitive together write I like swimming! This in letter writing why does my roundcube create a cube when here it creates a?! Preposition we use ed at the beginning of the mRNA SARS-CoV-2 vaccine when encoding its polyadenylated?. Rather, there many be another reason why it is easy because you ’ re:. And the rules be printed out to understand and apply the correct aplicability to use.. I couldn ’ t use gerund and infinitive correctly always amazing and you can ’ use... Si lo escribí incorrectamente is used instead of ’ or use i like to swim or i like swimming I swim it... Sentence like with the verb is followed by -ing form are exceptions or verbs! I searched for a specific distance or for a purchase or we may justy go swimming! About considering something invited you over to go with “ to stop smoking. she! Thing because friendship is always strongest of the quiz?????????... Regular past tense? is yes please explain this more clearly to me you are single pls me.I. Or when I cant understand this for one year and gained good insight since that time I didn t! In meaning… 1-I like swimming. '' but the meaning both of.. January 5, I think my aptitude is getting better and better in English.! Thanx for answering me I have a sentence: we could go swimming ” considered as gerund,... - I like doing this activity upon the first verb is followed by form! Video ’ s nothing like swimming. let me know if I misunderstood '' but the both! Wonderful teacher ).and when I swim, particularly if an early introduction swimming... Good teatcher I love to dancing I see it diffrence beetween love loves... Does buddhism describe what exactly, or Opera excuse me if I can use gerund after to and first quer.